Zumanjaro Drop

Being a long time roller coaster lover.. I am totally looking for this monster of a ride.. with a drop of 415 feet (that is taller than the Statue of Liberty) at a speed of up to 90 mph Zumanjaro will be the tallest tower-drop coaster in the world!!!

Not only is it going to be a sick drop.. but how cool is it that you are going to be racing the King Da Ka trains down the drop as well?!

I think the only sad part of this is that Zumanjaro will be taking the place of Rolling Thunder…

Rolling Thunder was Six Flags Great Adventure’s first wooden coaster that first opened back in 1979.. What was unique about this coaster was that it had dual tracks so that the two trains could “race” around the track to the end.. The first drop is only about 85 ft and the coaster races around the track at average speed of 56 mph..

It’s pretty sad that after 34 years we are having to say good-bye to this little piece of history… It makes me wish I took the time to ride it one more time this season.. Although according to the Six Flags Great Adventure website.. it looks like the ride is already closed 😦 So long Rolling Thunder… it’s been a fun 34 years.


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My world through a hazey filter

#Sassy was not so #impressed about @goldmmber007 and my #workout tonight with #coredeforce #dynamicstrength. This was my favorite and one of the more challenging moves the #pushup to Hip Escape, #toetap. 
Will definitely be working on getting lower with my push-ups and keeping my hips low.

#stayfit #noshoes #eveningworkout #fitcouple #improveyourself #strongisbeautiful Stayed up late playing #volleyball last night, but that didn't keep me from getting a quick #workout in this #morning! I discovered this awesome, fast workout that had me feeling the burn in no time. #22minutehardcorps 
Loving the convenience of being able to workout whenever and nearly wherever I want. 
#fitness #stayfit #morningworkout #idontsweatiglow #homeworkout #strongisbeautiful #goodmorning #startyourdayright I've been on a fitness plateau and just dying to try something to get me out of it. Just killed my first #coredeforce #mmaspeed #workout. Love the way I feel just 30 minutes later! I'll probably stick with this program for the next 30 days and see how it goes! 
Officially starting on my journey as a Fitness Coach. #soexcited to help others work to a better version of themselves! 
#homeworkout #idontsweatiglow #stayfit #healthyliving
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